Yi Yi Ren: helpful for edema, urinary difficulty and abscesses

During treatment, very thin needles are used to stimulate specific points along energy pathways, called meridians. The needles unblock and manipulate those pathways so that the body can use its energy to relieve pain and begin the healing process. I only use sterile disposable needles. Usually I will recommend a series of treatments appropriate for your condition

Herbal Medicine
I often use herbal medicine to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is safe, strictly regulated, affordable and without many of the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I have a whole dispensary of tablets and powders available in my office. If patients prefer brewing their own tea, I work with a couple of herbal dispensaries in the area.

Biological Medicine
Biological Medicine is a holistic approach to supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms by rooting out toxins, pathogens and other causes of illness. It uses a number of safe and effective remedies and treatments, including homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Computerized Regulatory Thermography
Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) is an FDA-approved diagnostic device that evaluates body function by measuring the temperature at specific spots. It enables the practitioner to detect systemic irregularities that precede the onset of diseases. It is widely used in Europe to screen for breast and prostate cancer and to detect abnormalities in the internal organs and in the lymph, immune and musculoskeletal systems. Because the CRT procedure is non-invasive and does not expose the patient to radiation, patients choose it over having multiple mammograms.

Diagnostic Testing
I utilize a variety of diagnostic labs for further assessment of your health, including comprehensive blood panels, hormone evaluations, immune imbalances, and allergy testing.

Diet plays an important role in improving and sustaining your health. My dietary recommendations are based on TCM approaches, which view diet as very specific to the individual patient and his or her condition. Rather than focusing on which foods to avoid, I will suggest foods to add or emphasize in your diet. As with medical herbs, food is classified by its nature, temperature, taste and indications for the treatment of diseases. Below are some categories that I might recommend for you and that you can reference whenever you are planning your next meal.

For more information on food groups and their effect please click here to download a PDF that categorizes the various groups.


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